What is an Irish Elk?

The Irish Elk is a mighty, majestic creature that is now thought to be extinct. Standing 10ft (3m) at the brow with a 12ft rack of antlers the legend of the Irish Elk stands in glorious contrast to that of its modern cousins.

What if Christian Media compared in the same way to its modern, worldly counterpart? The name “Irish Elk Media” was inspired in part by this sermon.

Our Calling

A music and media ministry that heralds “the narrow way” leading to the life of Jesus, refusing to follow the ways of man, believing that all true beauty comes from Him, the Creator of the world. We seek to allow His heart to be revealed through excellence in the arts.

For the Glory of Christ

How can we truly glorify God? Only when we remove the desire to glorify self. Music and media are powerful mediums and can communicate truth & beauty to a soul in unique ways, this has been corrupted by many and used to win personal fame & fortune.

The goal of staff & artists here at Irish Elk Media is to win fame for Jesus Christ, using the gifts He has given to give voices to the poor, persecuted & marginalized in this world while proclaiming the gospel message of the Great Love of our Creator.

Introducing an exciting new media site, a collaboration between Irish Elk Media and Ellerslie Mission Society

Latest News

Two Exciting New Songs!

Two Exciting New Songs!

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Justice EP Launch!

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